Thematic: Once upon an Earth

Plants, Animals, Humans: We are the World, the World is ours


Zero Waste

Our planet is in danger! It’s time to make a difference to ensure its future by taking up the zero-waste challenge. Zero Waste is full of fun children’s book to help you make sustainable choices to save planet Earth. Become informed about the crisis we’re in but also, more importantly, take action.The Book includes some craft …

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Splasha the Baby Crocodile

Splasha lives on a big relaxing crocodile farm and is taken care of by the fabulous farm owner Ben…but not everything is as wonderful as it first seems!

eBook cover for Book Prunelle's Rainbow World

Rainbow World

No one wants to live in a world without color! Learn from the mistakes of others and keep the earth looking beautiful!

Book cover for Book Prunelle's World with no color

World With no Color

Humans have hurt and exploited animals and nature for years, and in punishment, the universe has taken away all color from the world. But when Lucas meets Aliyah, will they be able to change the world for the better? The answer is locked deep within their hearts.

Book cover for Book Prunelle's Wake up daddy lion

Wake up, Daddy Lion!

The twin lion cubs are excited to learn practical hunting skills and follow in Daddy’s footsteps. The cubs must understand the food chain of the savanna and how to preserve the herds they need for survival.

eBook cover for Book Prunelle's The hummingbird and the forest fire

The Hummingbird and the Forest Fire

The hummingbird legend is a Native American story that invites everyone to take their share. Nothing says that one of our actions can change our lives!

eBook cover for Book Prunelle's Pilo and the plastic soup

Pilo and the Plastic Soup

Our two heroes, Cassandra and Ruben, embark on a new adventure with Pilo, the pelican. Their new friend will take them on a trip to the ocean and show them the marine wildlife devastated by the amount of plastic in the ocean.

eBook cover for Book Prunelle's Miyou the bee

Miyou the Bee

A new aventure of Cassandra and Ruben with Miyou the Bee about the bees and the dangers that threaten them.