Thematic: Magic me

What we say we feel! What we feel we believe! Believe in yourself, embrace your emotions!


A Day at the Beach

Everyone has a body and not all of them are the same. You’ve got to be proud of who you are!

A Toy War

Sometimes all the girly dolls want to drive super fast racing cars! Megan and Lucy are girl dolls, but they love to drive racing cars! So they make a plan to sneak into the boy’s room and switch places with Sergeant Soldier and his army men!

Princess Ellya Aims for Gold

Princess Ellya leaves her castle to go to school with her new friends. Even though she is in a wheelchair, she’s very cheerful and confident. One day, the little princess becomes a part of a volleyball team.

eBook cover for Book Prunelle's My own tree house

My Own Tree House

Leron has dreamt of building his very own treehouse for as long as he can remember and he’s not going to let his disability get in the way!

Victoria and Ratty

Poor Victoria has to go to the hospital every single month and is often in a lot of pain, but while she is there she encounters the strangest visitor ever!

Victoria and the Magic Jar

There’s an odd-looking new boy at Victoria’s school, but while the other kids pick on him and bully him, Victoria gets to know him and discovers his strange secret!

Jacob Meets David Beckham

Jacob suffers from autism and doesn’t like loud noises or busy places. But he must face his fears and try his best if he wants to meet his hero: David Beckham!

Book cover for Book Prunelle's the king's garden

The King’s Garden

A king is passionate about floral art, a lover of plants and trees, and has created a splendid garden. He takes care of it himself because he loves each of the species that thrive there. One day he goes on a long journey. When he returns, he finds that everything in the garden is dying. …

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eBook cover for Book Prunelle's Princess Ellya goes to school

Princess Ellya Goes to School

Princess Ellya is in a wheelchair, and she is no different from other little girls. She likes picking flowers, riding horses, racing on the ramps of the castle that is fully equipped to help her move around freely. But now it’s time for Ellya to join Madame Rose’s boarding house outside her kingdom.