Thematic: Fairytales and retelling

Fairy Tales, we know all about them… or do we?


Enslaved by her wicked stepmother and stepsisters, Cinderella is visited by her fairy godmother who grants her a special wish!

Book cover for Book Prunelle's The arabian nights

The Arabian Nights

The sultan had his heartbroken and now he vows to marry and kill as many women as possible. But when his grand vizier’s daughter offers herself to the sultan, will she meet her end like so many women before or will she be able to change his heart?

eBook cover for Book Prunelle's Soulia and Jackal

Soulia and Koumbi the Jackal

In the beautiful kingdom of Niani, in Africa, Princess Soulia, a little girl full of mischief and wisdom. Koumbi, the jackal, should know: one does not mess with a child who has so much spirit! So he will use force and get what he wants… At the risk of making the king very angry.

eBook cover for Book Prunelle's Snow White will rule

Snow White Will Rule

Snow White is a sweet and kind girl… but also brave, rebel and strong. Like any modern girl, she aspires to choose her own path. She has dreams… dreams of conquering… the prince? Really… think again…

I Don’t Like Unicorns

Unicorns, unicorns, everywhere unicorns!!!!!! Everywhere! Everywhere! Aahahhahahahahhh! A little girl trapped in the unicorn trend tells us with humor why she hates unicorns.

eBook cover for Book Prunelle's Cinderella Will Cure

Cinderella Will Cure

Cinderella is a kind and thoughtful girl that has amazing skills with medicine. But when the King organizes a ball to marry the prince, she decides to go…. to cure the King!